"I met with Jennifer when I was feeling very unwell. Getting nowhere with my GP, I decided to go the Nutritionist route to find my way to a healthier me. I had heard about Jennifer's Holistic Nutrition Consulting business and decided to contact her. Right from the start, she made me feel welcome and hopeful.

She asked me many questions regarding my lifestyle, eating habits and overall health. The questionaire took a few moments of my time, but gave Jennifer a wealth of information about me. We discussed the results and she came up with a plan and offered suggestions for improving my over all health and well being. She knows her stuff. No negative judgments either, which I appreciated.

I feel better, more energetic, healthier and have a better understanding of my nutritional needs. I needed support, advice and a solution to my energy crisis and Jennifer gave me all of that and then some. She followed up, checked in on me and stil remains a source of encouragement and knowledge.

If you're looking for a truly amazing Holistic Nutritionist-Please contact Jennifer today. You will not regret it. She's one special person, who will give it her all to help you attain what it is you're looking for. In my case, it was energy and a happier healthier working body."

Kim G.


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