My name is Natalie and I was suffering from severe anxiety which caused me to not be able to drive, attend social gatherings, or even go as far as going to the grocery store by myself. I was hiding at home in fear that every time I went out, I'd pass out or throw up from anxiety- which then caused me to grow stomach ulcers.  

I started seeing Jenny after three months of horrific anxiety attacks, and I truly wish I had started to see her sooner. My doctor wanted me to go on all sorts of medication that I was not willing to take because of the negative effects it would cause on my body. Jenny listened to me thoroughly, and worked very hard to put together a plan for me. Her knowledge of the human body was outstanding. She was able to help me with a dietary plan which avoided foods that would stimulate anxiety. She has coached me through this process and I can honestly say that I am doing MUCH BETTER.

I have taken her advice and added it to my day to day experiences and over all, I give her a 15/10! Since I have changed my diet and avoided anxiety triggers (which she helped me pin-point) I have gone to concerts, grocery shopping, and so many other social events that I thought I would never be able to enjoy ever again. I am a very outgoing individual, and the idea of never being able to enjoy my life again made me very sad-however Jenny has listened and educated me to the point where I feel confident that the progress I have made will only grow further.  THANK YOU FOR GIVING ME MY LIFE BACK JENNY!

- Natalie F.


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